EdReady Math and English

What is EdReady? EdReady Nebraska is a personalized learning program to help all students in Nebraska from middle school through college to detect gaps in their readiness for math and English and then give them the resources they need to achieve the expectations. 

It's designed for those students who want to:
  • supplement their skills while taking a math or English Language Arts class
  • revisit possible gaps in general math or language arts skills
  • practice math or language arts skills needed for a desired career path
  • prepare for upcoming local math or English Language Arts classes or curriculum
  • become better prepared for college math or English
  • study and review math or language arts concepts for a standardized exam

Introductory Video: Click here 

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One-page Overview English: http://nroc.org/resource/onesheet-edready-english/
One-page Overview Math: http://nroc.org/resource/onesheet-edready-math/
Math Pathways Document: http://nroc.org/resource/onesheet-edready-pathways-addendum/

NROC Network - Are you searching for Open Educational Resources (OER), rich multi-media, and web-based tools to enhance instruction? Our Nebraska NROC membership allows all schools in Nebraska access to highly customizable online courses, playlists and learning objects.  http://nrocnetwork.org/resources/

Did you know? 
NDE- EdReady is listed as a Quality Instructional Materials resource on page 10 of the Commitments for Equity & Education document.  2018 Equity Commitments Page10

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Contact Nancy Movall, BlendEd/EdReady Implementation Coordinator, for help with goals, presentations, or tools and techniques to ensure a successful implementation. nmovall@esucc.org

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