Hippo Campus - NROC site for Nebraska Teachers


HippoCampus is an ever-expanding library of over 5,000 digital learning objects from 20 collections across many subject areas and as an NROC Member institution, Nebraska schools have a branded HippoCampus site with additional features available to our users. 

Click on the icon below to go the the Nebraska branded site. You can use it as is or create a customized account. Your custom account will have its own unique URL that students can use to access your site; they do not need to log in or use any password.  

 For more information, go to: Making the Most of Your Nebraska Branded HippoCampus

For districts wanting to install an NROC English, Developmental Math, or College Algebra
course into a Learning Management System such as Moodle or Canvas:

  •     Click on the link above and complete the form. 
  •     Your request will be submitted for approval by your Educational Service Unit (ESU).
  •     Once approved,  NROC will share the secret key to link the course to the course manager in NROC.

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