COOP Purchasing - Vision, Commitments, Action Plans

Nebraska ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing shall provide compliant, competitive, aggregated bidding and purchasing to control and reduce costs to it’s members by maximizing efficiency of resources and processes in Nebraska and Nationally.

ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing represents 17 Educational Service Units statewide who in turn service Nebraska school districts with over 300,000 students and is currently in its 5th decade of operation.  ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing is authorized to coordinate purchases for public school districts, nonpublic school systems, other ESUs, and other public agencies, including any county, city, village, school district, or agency of the state government, any drainage district, sanitary and improvement district, or other municipal corporation or political subdivision of the State of Nebraska.

  1. Enhance Cooperative Purchasing through effective statewide communication.
  2. Provide equitable statewide pricing for goods and services.
  3. Provide a user friendly sourcing and procurement system to meet the needs of member entities.
  4. Provide statewide and nationally leveraged contracts to it’s members.
  5. Savings realized by purchasing in quantity for present and future procurement needs. 

Action plans:
  1. Increase the utilization of Coop negotiated contracts by all member entities by increasing communications to member key contacts.
  2. Increase membership of Coop by actively engaging non-participating schools and other public agencies when opportunities present themselves.
  3. Have a balanced budget by the 2018-19 year. 

Coop Purchasing Office - Ainsworth

1292 East 4th Street
Ainsworth, NE 69210

Priscilla Quintana - Business Manager - 402-387-1245 - pquintana@esucc.org
402-387-1245 ext. 102

Colleen Lentz - Programs Assistant - 402-387-1245 - clentz@esucc.org
402-387-1245 ext. 101

Coop Purchasing Office - Holdrege

412 W. 14th Avenue
Holdrege, NE 68949

Craig Peterson - Coop Director - craig.peterson@esucc.org