NROC site for Nebraska Teachers


HippoCampus is an ever-expanding library of over 5,000 digital learning objects from 20 collections across many subject areas and as an NROC Member institution, Nebraska schools have a branded HippoCampus site with additional features available to our users. 

Click on the icon below to go the the Nebraska branded site. You can use it as is or create a customized account. Your custom account will have its own unique URL that students can use to access your site; they do not need to log in or use any password.  

 For more information, go to: Making the Most of Your Nebraska Branded HippoCampus

Beth Kabes Trainings: Implementation Information

For districts wanting to install an NROC English, Developmental Math, or College Algebra
course into a Learning Management System such as Moodle or Canvas:

  •     Click on the link above and complete the form. 
  •     Your request will be submitted for approval by your Educational Service Unit (ESU).
  •     Once approved,  NROC will share the secret key to link the course to the course manager in NROC.

What is EdReady?

  • EdReady is college and career preparation in math, with the ability to develop a customized study plan. It's an application designed to help learners test their college readiness, see study options, and gain a personalized learning path to fill in knowledge gaps. The Nebraska ESU Coordinating Council provides membership benefits for Nebraska schools which enables customization for districts. User accounts must be created in the Nebraska domain in order to gain access to the Nebraska customized study plans and goals.

  • See your local Educational Service Unit to create goals and customize study plans for your students. 

Looking for a math resource to help support all your students?

Click on link for a one page flyer: ESUCC EdReady Flyer

Quick Start Guide for Students, click on the link below:


Before creating a student account, make sure you are at the correct EdReady site: esucc.edready.org
**Teacher accounts must be created by an EdReady account administrator at your ESU. See link above.**