SRS - Nebraska Student Record System - Vision, Commitments, Action Plans

Vision Statement
Our vision is to streamline the process of Special Education documentation so that educators can devote more of their time to students.

  • We are committed to applying modern web technologies toward the creation of powerful, user-friendly forms and online tools.    
  • We believe our resources should be allocated based on the needs of our users.     
  • We believe in providing prompt, high-quality user support.   
  • We believe that developing and maintaining strong relationships with the Nebraska Department of Education, Nebraska School Districts, Educational Service Units and our users are the keys to our success.

 Action Plans  
  • SRS personnel will dedicate time each week toward improving our skills in the areas of technology, project management, customer support, and website usability and design.     
  • SRS personnel will seek to create and/or maintain lines of communication with our users by offering trainings, attending Special Education conferences and events, providing online support tools, and through our help desk.      
  • SRS will continue to strengthen and support the SRS Advisory Board.   
  • SRS personnel will improve their level of user support through the use of technology (help desk software), updating our Frequently Asked Questions page, adding support links to all new forms, and evaluating help desk responses for speed and quality.     
  • RS will develop strong relationships with our stakeholders by offering friendly and professional support, following through on promises and exceeding expectations whenever possible.

SRS Office - Omaha

6949 South 110th Street
LaVista, NE 68128

Minh Vu - Communication and Marketing Specialist - mvu@esucc.org

Special Education Projects

The ESU CC manages 3 special education projects, with ESU 1 in Wakefield serving as the fiscal agent. The purpose of these SPED projects is for participating parties to pool their resources in connection with special education services  and for the training of special education teachers and other staff members employed by educational institutions within the state of Nebraska. The three projects are:
  • Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities(ILCD)
    ILCD is a state self-assessment project that gathers information for federal reporting requirements. This is accomplished through the use of surveys, the project uses parent, teacher, and administrative assessments. The results can be accessed via the ILCD website:

  • Project PARA
    Project PARA is a web-based method for school districts to provide introductory training for their paraeducators. The project assists schools in meeting the paraeducator training requirements of No Child Left Behind, Rule 11, and IDEA. Project PARA is a collaborative effort between the University of Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Education, and Nebraska ESUs.

  • Student Records System (SRS)
    SRS is an online special education record keeping system. It creates all special education documents required by Rule 51, including IEP, MDT, IFSP, and all required notices. The SRS is a highly secured system that organizes and stores documents and provides easy access to files from anywhere via the internet.