COOP Purchasing - Vision, Commitments, Action Plans

Nebraska ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing shall provide compliant, competitive, aggregated bidding and purchasing to control and reduce costs to it’s members by maximizing efficiency of resources and processes in Nebraska and Nationally.

ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing represents 17 Educational Service Units statewide who in turn service Nebraska school districts with over 300,000 students and is currently in its 5th decade of operation.  ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing is authorized to coordinate purchases for public school districts, nonpublic school systems, other ESUs, and other public agencies, including any county, city, village, school district, or agency of the state government, any drainage district, sanitary and improvement district, or other municipal corporation or political subdivision of the State of Nebraska.

  1. Enhance Cooperative Purchasing through effective statewide communication.
  2. Provide equitable statewide pricing for goods and services.
  3. Provide a user friendly sourcing and procurement system to meet the needs of member entities.
  4. Provide statewide and nationally leveraged contracts to it’s members.
  5. Savings realized by purchasing in quantity for present and future procurement needs. 

Action plans:
  1. Increase the utilization of Coop negotiated contracts by all member entities by increasing communications to member key contacts.
  2. Increase membership of Coop by actively engaging non-participating schools and other public agencies when opportunities present themselves.
  3. Have a balanced budget by the 2018-19 year. 

ESUCC Office - ESU #3

6949 South 110th Street
LaVista, NE 68128

David Ludwig, Executive Director - dludwig@esucc.org

Deb Hericks, Executive Assistant -  dhericks@esucc.org

Scott Isaacson, Technolgy Project Manager - sisaacson@esucc.org

Mike Danahy, Systems Analyst/Programmer -  mdanahy@esucc.org

ESUCC Office - Fremont

957 North Pierce Street
Fremont, NE 68025

David M Ludwig, ESUCC Executive Director - dludwig@esucc.org


ESUPDO: Purpose; Direction, Core Beliefs and Outcome Measures

ESUPDO:  Purpose; Direction and Core Commitments

Purpose:  Why?Provide visionary leadership for a statewide educational support system of professional learning  and service delivery.

Direction:  What?Strategically leading and facilitating the coordination of shared resources, training and services to build capacity for an effective statewide educational system.

Core Commitments:  How?
  • Communicate and Collaborate to promote the statewide educational support system
  • Coordinate Professional Learning and Service Delivery
  • Develop and Enhance Statewide Partnerships and Relationships
  • Provide Leadership, Training and Innovation
  • Invest in Research-Based Practices and Data-Driven Decisions
  • Act as a Unified Body


Learn360 is a streaming digital delivery service for Nebraska K–12 schools licensed by Nebraska Educational Service Units that participate in the group purchase. Teachers and students can access more than 150,000 multimedia resources—including high-quality full-length videos, video clips, images, audio files, articles, activities, worksheets, and more—on any Internet-enabled device, anytime, anywhere. It’s enhanced, state-of-the-art platform, featuring the content, navigation, educator tools, speed, and performance that today’s online experience demands, makes Learn360 a powerful tool for flipped classrooms, blended instruction, project-based learning, and 1:1 environments.

Click on the icon  for more information about Learn360. Contact your local ESU to set up an account.


NROC site for Nebraska Teachers


HippoCampus is an ever-expanding library of over 5,000 digital learning objects from 20 collections across many subject areas and as an NROC Member institution, Nebraska schools have a branded HippoCampus site with additional features available to our users. 

Click on the icon below to go the the Nebraska branded site. You can use it as is or create a customized account. Your custom account will have its own unique URL that students can use to access your site; they do not need to log in or use any password.  

 For more information, go to: Making the Most of Your Nebraska Branded HippoCampus

Beth Kabes Trainings: Implementation Information

For districts wanting to install an NROC English, Developmental Math, or College Algebra
course into a Learning Management System such as Moodle or Canvas:

  •     Click on the link above and complete the form. 
  •     Your request will be submitted for approval by your Educational Service Unit (ESU).
  •     Once approved,  NROC will share the secret key to link the course to the course manager in NROC.

SRS - Nebraska Student Record System - Vision, Commitments, Action Plans

Vision Statement
Our vision is to streamline the process of Special Education documentation so that educators can devote more of their time to students.

  • We are committed to applying modern web technologies toward the creation of powerful, user-friendly forms and online tools.    
  • We believe our resources should be allocated based on the needs of our users.     
  • We believe in providing prompt, high-quality user support.   
  • We believe that developing and maintaining strong relationships with the Nebraska Department of Education, Nebraska School Districts, Educational Service Units and our users are the keys to our success.

 Action Plans  
  • SRS personnel will dedicate time each week toward improving our skills in the areas of technology, project management, customer support, and website usability and design.     
  • SRS personnel will seek to create and/or maintain lines of communication with our users by offering trainings, attending Special Education conferences and events, providing online support tools, and through our help desk.      
  • SRS will continue to strengthen and support the SRS Advisory Board.   
  • SRS personnel will improve their level of user support through the use of technology (help desk software), updating our Frequently Asked Questions page, adding support links to all new forms, and evaluating help desk responses for speed and quality.     
  • RS will develop strong relationships with our stakeholders by offering friendly and professional support, following through on promises and exceeding expectations whenever possible.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is an educational model that combines traditional face-to-face/distance classroom methods with online delivery and participation; and an element of student control over time, place, path, and pace. Additional resources and information about the BlendEd Pilot are found here.

BlendEd—a statewide initiative with these components:
* Learning Object Repository (LOR)
* Learning Management System (LMS)
* Federated Directory System (single sign-on)
* Statewide Professional Development System (PD)
* Evaluation Components

The BlendED initiative works in harmony with the other two statewide projects, ADVISER Dashboard and Teacher Principal Evaluations, and all are supported by the Educational Service Units, Nebraska Department of Education, and school administrators statewide.

Presentation slides:
iNacol 2016

Link to Beth Kabes Training: click here

eMeeting Portal

Sparq Data (NEW)

Audit Reports

ESU CC's Audit Reports

BlendEd Office - Columbus

2657 44th Avenue
Columbus, NE 68601

Beth Kabes - Blended/Distance Education Director - bkabes@esucc.org

Coop Purchasing Office - Holdrege

412 W. 14th Avenue
Holdrege, NE 68949

Craig Peterson - Coop Director - craig.peterson@esucc.org

ESU Historical Documents

ESUCC Minutes 2018-2019

2018_07_25_ESUCC Budget Preview
2018_09_05_Budget Hearing
2018_10_03_ESUCC NDE Meeting_notes
2019_04_03_NDE_ESUCC Collaboration

ESUCC Policies

Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council
Board Policies

Table of Contents
1000. Public Relations and Administration
    1001. Communication With The Public
    1002. Relation With Private Schools
    1003. Relations With Other State Government
    1004. Concept of Administration
    1005. ESUCC Executive Director
    1006. Distance Education Director
    1007. Project Directors
    1008. ESUCC Staff
    1009. Line of Responsibility
    1010. Control and Communications System
    1011. Project Evaluation and Planning

2000. Projects
    2001. ESUPDO and Affiliate Groups
    2002. Distance Education
    2003. Instructional Materials (I­Mat)
    2004. Cooperative Purchasing    
    2005. MyE Learning
    2006. Special Education Projects

3000. Business & Operations
    3001. Budget Document
    3002. Public Review of Budget
    3003. Budget Administration
    3004. Grants
    3005. Project/Program Contracts
    3006. Master Services Agreement
    3007. Funds Management
    3008. Financial Report
    3009. Depository
    3010. Annual Financial Report
    3011. Periodic Audit
    3012. Purchasing
    3013. Staff Members' Conflict of Interest

4000. Human Resources
    4001. Purpose
    4002. Employee Classifications
    4003. Job Descriptions
    4004. Selection and Assignment of Employees
    4005. Employment of Family Members
    4006. At­ Will Employees
    4007. Personnel Records
    4008. Separation of Employment
    4009. Resignation/Termination
    4010. Compensation
    4011. Reimbursements
    4012. Employee Benefits Compensation
    4013. Leave Time
    4014. Workers' Compensation
    4015. Tort Claims
    4016. Outside Employment/Non­-ESUCC Employment
    4017. Anti-­Discrimination and Harassment

5000. Council Operating Procedures

    5001. Philosophy Statement
    5002. Role of ESUCC
    5003. General Functions
    5004. Specific Functions
    5005. Authority of and Public Statements by Individual Members
    5006. Members, Officers and Terms of Office
    5007. President, President-Elect, Past President
    5008. Treasurer
    5009. Secretary
    5010. Committees
    5011. Orienting New Council Members
    5012. Board Member Employment and Conflicts of Interest
    5013. Formulation and Adoption of Policies
    5014. Formulation/Adoption of Administrative Regulations
    5015. Suspension of Policies and Regulations
    5016. Control of Funds
    5017. Meetings
    5018. Time and Place of Meetings
    5019. Participation by the Public
    5020. Agenda Construction and Meeting Materials
    5021. Minutes
    5022. Annual Organizational Meeting
    5023. Meeting Conduct & Quorum
    5024. Voting
    5025. Minutes
    5026. Budget Hearing

Google Sites

Data Cadre

NOC - Network Operations Committee

SDA - Staff Development Affiliate

TLT - Teaching and Learning with Technology

BlendEd Initiative - including BlendEd Pilot


Created in Nebraska statute (79-1245), The Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council structure includes the Council acting as the board with an Executive Committee and may organize a variety of standing and ad hoc committees.   

July 1, 2008-Aug 31, 2009 audit

My eLearning

My eLearning is a statewide project to make available an online learning management system to school districts, teachers, and students. Similar to other projects, MyE was brought under the umbrella of the ESUCC.

The mission of MyE is to implement an asynchronous web-based learning management system to ensure statewide accessibility to expanded opportunities for all K-12 students, and timely delivery of staff development opportunities.

You can contact MyE at the address below:

MyeLearning.org of Nebraska
6949 S 110th St
Omaha, NE 68128
Phone: (402) 597-4841
Fax: (402) 597-4808


NETA - Apr 21-22

Century Link Center
2 days starting on 4/21/2016 at 8:00 AM

NROC -HippoCampus

HippoCampus is an ever-expanding library of over 5,000 digital learning objects from 20 collections across many subject areas and as an NROC Member institution.

Nebraska schools have a branded HippoCampus site with additional features.  CLICK HERE

For more information on NROC: CLICK HERE


NVIS - The Nebraska Virtual Instruction Source offers a convenient location to view available distance learning courses and virtual field trip information.

Distance Education

2657 44th Ave
Columbus, NE 68643
Phone: (402) 564-5753
Beth Kabes, Director
Email: bkabes@esucc.org


Nebraska ESUs

There are 17 Educational Service Units operating within the state of Nebraska. Their individual contact information can be found below.

Nebraska ESUs


211 10th St
Wakefield, NE  68784
Phone: (402) 287-2061
Fax: (402) 287-2065
Bill Heimann, Administrator


2320 N Colorado, PO Box 649
Fremont, NE 68026
Phone: (402) 721-7710
Fax: (402) 721-7712
Ted DeTurk, Administrator


6949 S 110th St
Omaha, NE 68128
Phone: (402) 597-4800
Fax: (402) 597-4808
Dan Schnoes, Administrator


919 16th St, PO Box 310
Auburn, NE 68305
Phone: (402) 274-4354
Fax: (402) 274-4356
Gregg Robke, Administrator


900 West Court
Beatrice, NE 68310
Phone: (402) 223-5277
Fax: (402) 223-5279
Brenda McNiff, Interim Administrator


210 5th St
Milford, NE 68405
Phone: (402) 761-3341
Fax: (402) 761-3279
Dan Shoemake, Administrator


2657 44th Ave
Columbus, NE 68601
Phone: (402) 564-5753
Fax: (402) 563-1121
Larianne Polk, Administrator


106 W 3rd St, PO Box 89
Neligh, NE 68756
Phone: (402) 887-5041
Fax: (402) 887-46041
Bill Mowinkel, Administrator


1117 E South St, PO Box 2047
Hastings, NE 68902
Phone: (402) 463-5611
Fax: (402) 463-9555
Kraig Lofquist, Administrator

ESU 10

PO Box 850
Kearney, NE 68848
Phone: (308) 237-5927
Fax: (308) 237-5920
Wayne Bell, Administrator

ESU 11

412 W 14th St, PO Box 858
Holdrege, NE 68949
Phone: (308) 995-6585
Fax: (308) 995-6587
Greg Barnes, Administrator

ESU 13

4215 Ave I
Scottsbluff, NE 69361
Phone: (308) 635-3969
Fax: (308) 635-0680
Jeff West, Administrator

ESU 15

344 Main St, PO Box 398
Trenton, NE 69044
Phone: (308) 334-5160
Fax: (308) 334-5581
Paul Calvert, Administrator

ESU 16

314 W 1st St, PO Box 915
Ogallala, NE 69153
Phone: (308) 284-8481
Fax: (308) 284-8483
Deb Paulman, Administrator

ESU 17

207 N Main St
Ainsworth, NE 69210
Phone: (402) 387-1420
Fax: (402) 387-1028
Geradine Erickson, Administrator

ESU 18

5901 O St, PO Box 82889
Lincoln, NE 68501
Phone: (402) 436-1610
Fax: (402) 436-1620
Liz Standish, Administrator

ESU 19

3215 Cuming
Omaha, NE 68103
Phone: (402) 557-2413
Fax: (402) 557-2478
Connie Wickham, Administrator

ESU #13 ESU #16 ESU #15 ESU #11 ESU #17 ESU #10 ESU #8 ESU #9 ESU #5 ESU #18 - LPS ESU #6 ESU #6 ESU #4 ESU #19 - OPS ESU #3 ESU #7 ESU #2 ESU #1

Nebraska Statewide Educational Technology Plan

Office - Beatrice

900 West Court Street
Beatrice, Ne 68310

Rhonda Eis, Instructional Materials Contract Manager - reis@esucc.org

PDO - Jan 20-21

ESU 10 - Conf Room A, B, C, E, F
2 days starting on 1/20/2016 at 8:30 AM

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Phone: (402) 499-6756
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Matthew Blomstedt, Executive Director

September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2010 Audit

September 1, 2010 - August 31 2011 Audit

September 1, 2011 - August 31, 2012 Audit

September 1, 2012 - August 31, 2013 Audit

September 1, 2013 - August 31, 2014 Audit

September 1, 2014 - August 31, 2015 Audit

September 1, 2015 - August 30, 2016 Audit

September 1, 2016 - August 30, 2017 Audit

Special Education Projects

The ESU CC manages 3 special education projects, with ESU 1 in wakefield serving as the fiscal agent. The purpose of these SPED projects is for particpating parties to pool their resources in connection with special education services  and for the training of special education teachers and other staff memebrs employed by educational insitutions within the state of Nebraska. The three projects are:
  • Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities(ILCD)
    ILCD is a state self-assessment project that gathers information for federal reporting requirements. This is accomplished through the use of surveys, the project uses parent, teacher, and administrative assessments. The results can be accessed via the ILCD website:

  • Project PARA
    Project PARA is a web-based method for school districts to provide intorductory training for their paraeducators. The project assists schools in meeting the paraeducator training requirements of No Child Left Behind, Rule 11, and IDEA. Project PARA is a collborative effort between the University of Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Education, and Nebraska ESUs.

  • Student Records System (SRS)
    SRS is an online special education record keeping system. It creates all special education documents required by Rule 51, including IEP, MDT, IFSP, and all required notices. The SRS is a highly secured system that organizes and stores documents and provides easy access to files from anywhere via the internet.



Offices Closed
2 days starting on 11/26/2015 at 7:00 AM

The BlendEd Initiative works in concert with two other statewide projects

* Teacher and Principal Performance Framework
* ADVISER Dashboard (Advancing Data Views Improving Student Educational Response)—a statewide longitudinal data system

What is EdReady?

  • EdReady is college and career preparation in math, with the ability to develop a customized study plan. It's an application designed to help learners test their college readiness, see study options, and gain a personalized learning path to fill in knowledge gaps. The Nebraska ESU Coordinating Council provides membership benefits for Nebraska schools which enables customization for districts. User accounts must be created in the Nebraska domain in order to gain access to the Nebraska customized study plans and goals.

  • See your local Educational Service Unit to create goals and customize study plans for your students. 

Coop Purchasing Office - Ainsworth

1292 East 4th Street
Ainsworth, NE 69210

Priscilla Quintana - Business Manager - 402-387-1245 - pquintana@esucc.org
402-387-1245 ext. 102

Colleen Lentz - Programs Assistant - 402-387-1245 - clentz@esucc.org
402-387-1245 ext. 101

ESUCC Twitter

Follow some of the latest efforts on ESUCC initiatives on Twitter

Follow info about BlendEd

ESUCC/NDE Statewide Initiatives

Looking for a math resource to help support all your students?

Click on link for a one page flyer: ESUCC EdReady Flyer

Quick Start Guide for Students, click on the link below:


Before creating a student account, make sure you are at the correct EdReady site: esucc.edready.org
**Teacher accounts must be created by an EdReady account administrator at your ESU. See link above.**

NASB Office - Lincoln

1301 Stockwell Street, Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68502

Wade Fruhling - SRS Project Manager - wfruhling@esucc.org

Dawn Litt - Trainer/Support Specialist - dlitt@esucc.org

Nebraska's Educational Service Units Act: Laws Outlining the ESUs and ESUCC

The statutory role, mission and operation of ESUs and the ESU Coordinating Council is defined in Nebraska statute (Nebraska Revised Statutes 79-1201 through 79-1249).   The following document provides a link to those statutes as of May, 2013.

Educational Service Units Act Referenced 5-20-13.pdf

Our Mission

The Nebraska Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council was created in statute to coordinate the activities of Nebraska's 17 Educational Service Units. The Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council was created by LB 603 in 2007 and officially came into existence on July 1, 2008.

According to Section 79-1246 of the Nebraska Revised State Statutes:

The Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council shall work toward statewide coordination to provide the most cost-effective services for the students, teachers, and school districts in each educational service unit. The council's duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of strategic plans to assure the cost-efficient and equitable delivery of services across the state
  • Administration of statewide initiatives and provision of statewide services
  • Coordination of Distance Education

Overview of the ESUCC and statewide projects

Read more about the ESUCC purpose, history, and projects in this overview:  ESUCC Overview (rev 083116)